What’s New in WordPress 5.6

New Default Theme

With the upgrade to version 5.6 comes a new default theme called Twenty Twentyone. This will be the default theme on all new WordPress sites in our system. Read more about the Twenty Twentyone theme.

WordPress Twenty twentyone theme showing pastel green background and embedded images


New Integrated Block Directory

Page and post editing screens now have an integrated Block Directory. Click the Add block button in the upper left corner to open the directory. Hover over a block to see its description and an example. Click a block to add it to your page or post.

block directory in WordPress editor


New Block Patterns

The new Block Directory contains sets of already grouped blocks called Patterns. Use the drop down list to see different categories of patterns. Click on a pattern to add it to your page or post, then customize the pattern with your own content.

block directory in wordpress editor patterns tab


New Previews for Multiple Formats

The WordPress editor now lets you preview your page or post in multiple formats. Click the Preview button, select a preview mode (Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile), and then click Preview in new tab to see how your page/post will look on different devices.

wordpress editor's preview drop down list


WordPress Logo Button

Click the WordPress Logo button in the upper left corner of the Page and Post editor to return to your site’s dashboard.