WordPress Gutenberg Update

WordPress 5.0 was released in November 2018. This new WordPress version features the Gutenberg editor (opens in a new tab), which changes how WordPress pages and posts are created. WordPress at UNC Asheville will be upgraded to WordPress 5.x in May 2019 after the Spring term and before the start of the Summer sessions. This upgrade will improve a user’s control over the customization of their WordPress site, and provide important security patches for our system. Continue to monitor this news feed for information about the upcoming upgrade.

WordPress 5.0 (Release Date Estimate and Accessibility Problems)

Matt Mullenweg, Lead Developer at WordPress, has announced a tentative date of November for the release of WordPress 5.0.  Read more about his announcement in WP Tavern’s post Matt Mullenweg Announces WordPress 5.0 Release Plan from Oct. 2, 2018. Unfortunately, there are major accessibility concerns about WordPress 5.0’s new Gutenberg editor. Read more

WordPress 5.0 Not Yet Released

As of May 17 2018, WordPress had not released WordPress 5.0. The newest, most stable version of WordPress is version 4.9.6. Please continue to check this site for information and updates about the release of  WordPress version 5, and its new Gutenberg editor.

WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg is Coming!

WordPress 5 logoA change is coming to WordPress with version 5.0 due out this spring.  In this new version, the classic TinyMCE text editor is being replaced with a new editor called Gutenberg.  Gutenberg will give you the ability to create pages and posts with more diverse content and customized layouts. Read more about the Gutenberg Editor

While this is a positive change allowing greater creativity and control of your WordPress site, Gutenberg may not work with some of the themes and plugins currently available in our system. Read more