Wp.unca.edu Backups

Our WordPress server hosting company backs up our system nightly and stores the backups for 30 days. However, we strongly recommend that users create their own backup by using WordPress’s Export Tool. The Export Tool downloads a copy of the site to your computer. See How to export your WordPress data.

To download a copy of your site’s Media Library files, use the Tools > Export Personal Data tool and request that either lmiles@unca.edu or aogg@unca.edu export the files for you.

For efficiency purposes, we review user accounts at the end of every academic year and remove accounts that have been inactive for a year.

Keep Your Site After You Leave

UNC Asheville will support your WordPress account as long as you are an enrolled student or employee of the university. When you leave the university, you can use the Export Tool to take your WordPress account with you. See information in the above Wp.unca.edu Backups section.

The technicians at our server hosting company, Reclaim Hosting L.L.C., are happy to help you migrate your content to a private WordPress account. See their website at reclaimhosting.com or request information at reclaimhosting.com/getting-started