WordPress Update and New Default Theme

CTL updated our WordPress multisite over the winter break to version 6.4. We also installed the CampusPress Flex theme as the default theme for all newly created WordPress sites. The CampusPress Flex theme is a highly customizable, accessibility-ready theme. Read more about the theme and how to customize it for your WordPress site at CampusPress Flex Theme Guide.



July 18th Scheduled Maintenance Update

Our WordPress hosting company has informed us that they are extending the maintenance window for the upgrade until 5pm EDT today. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Scheduled Maintenance Notification

Our hosting company will be performing server maintenance on Tuesday July 18th between 11:00am and 1:00pm. During some or all of this time, you may experience brief, intermittent downtime. We recommend that you do not make any changes to your sites during this time in order to prevent those changes being lost.

New Login Screen!

WordPress at UNC Asheville is getting an updated login screen. Users will now be directed to the UNC Asheville sign in screen (see screenshot below).

UNC Asheville sign in screen

When you arrive at this screen, sign in with your UNC Asheville email and password.

What’s New in WordPress 5.8

WordPress was upgraded to version 5.8 over the holiday break. See What’s New in WordPress 5.8 for information about new features.

WordPress Upgrade to 5.8

Hello! The WordPress system will be upgraded to version 5.8 the evening of Monday, January 3, 2022. The upgrade should not cause any downtime.

WordPress Upgraded to Version 5.7

WordPress at UNC Asheville has been upgraded to version 5.7. To learn more about new features, see this WP Tavern article.

WordPress Upgraded to Version 5.6

The WordPress at UNC Asheville multisite has been upgraded to WordPress version 5.6. The new version brings with it a new default theme and changes to the Page and Post editor.

See What’s New in Version 5.6

Upgrading to version 5.6 required an update to our WordPress server. Some of our system’s themes and plugins did not work properly on the upgraded server and have been deactivated. If you are currently using a theme that is not compatible with the new version of WordPress, your site will revert to the default theme.

Sites using a theme that has been deactivated (no longer available on the Appearance > Themes list), will continue to use the current theme. However, a site can not return to the “grandfathered” theme if another theme is activated.

WordPress Upgrade to 5.6

Hello! The WordPress system will be upgraded to version 5.6 the evening of Thursday, December 17, 2020. The upgrade should not cause any downtime.