UNC Asheville is not responsible for content on wp.unca.edu personal sites

All users of wp.unca.edu must agree to the following terms of service.

UNC Asheville reserves the right to monitor wp.unca.edu websites. Users and their websites will be removed from wp.unca.edu if found to be in violation of these policies.

Computer Use Policy

Users of wp.unca.edu sites must adhere to UNC Asheville’s computer use policies, as well as state and federal regulations. Wp.unca.edu sites are only available for UNC Asheville users. Sites created for unauthorized users will be deleted.

Important computer use policies include:

  • Users are responsible for the content of their sites
  • Users are responsible for keeping a back up of their site content (see How to export your WordPress data)
  • Users can not use wp.unca.edu sites for commercial gain or profit
  • Users can not use wp.unca.edu sites for illegal purposes
  • Users can not use wp.unca.edu sites to post information that is threatening, abusive, hostile, fraudulent or defamatory


Wp.unca.edu sites are required by law to be accessible to all site visitors. Creators of wp.unca.edu sites are responsible for complying with federal accessibility regulations. Please refer to the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

For information on how to ensure compliance, please refer to How to Meet WCAG 2.0 (Quick Reference) and UNC Asheville Communication and Marketing’s Accessibility information.


Creators of wp.unca.edu sites must follow copyright laws and regulations. All material displayed on a wp.unca.edu website must belong to the site’s creator, be in public domain, or used with the permission of the material’s owner.  Please refer to UNC Asheville’s Intellectual Property/Copyright information for additional information.

FERPA and Student Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects student privacy and prohibits the release of educational records without the student’s permission. Web content created by a student or web content that identifies a student is considered part of the student’s educational record. FERPA regulations should be followed when wp.unca.edu sites containing student information are displayed publicly or shared outside the classroom. FERPA applies to faculty, staff, and student sites.

FERPA restrictions include:

  • Students must give permission for their work to be published on a public website
  • Do not require students to use their real name, ID #, etc. on a public site
  • Allow students to exclude their content on a public website or “opt out” of posting their work publicly
  • Allow students to password protect or restrict access to their content
  • Do not post personal information about students on a public website
  • Do not post grades on a public website
  • Never give negative feedback about a student’s work on a public site

Please refer to UNC Asheville’s Office of the Registrar Confidentiality of Student Records for more information.